Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Few Wedding Excitments

Soon all of the Fall wedding magazines will be coming out soon. You have no idea how excited I am to start flipping through all of them to get some awesome fall inspiration.  Fall is my favorite season and of course I have to have my wedding next fall! I haven't even purchased one bridal book or magazine yet so I am making it my mission this week to do so.  Here are a few fall inspirations that I have already found and LOVED!

 I love the idea of putting a lot of candles or lanterns everywhere to make it feel warm and cozy especially in the fall.

 Fun and bright centerpiece

 I love the rustic fall wedding feel 
Apples and apple cider for the guest!!

This weekend will be a busy weekend too! Danny will be home and we are going to take some more venue tours.  We will be touring Holden Arboretum again so he and his family can see it.  Plus we will be touring Progressive Field.  For those of you not from Cleveland it's where the Cleveland Indians play baseball.  That probably sounds ridiculous to most of you but Danny and I basically started dating all because of our interest in sports and it was the end of baseball season when we first started dating.  We have gone on TONS of baseball games for our dates.  Not just baseball but all kind of sporting events, but the ones I feel like we have the most fun on are when we go to the ballpark.

I will keep you all updated on how the tour goes. But I did want to share with you some really cool wedding ideas just in case we did decide to have a ballpark wedding.  I found these a few weeks ago and I just fell in love with them!  I think even if we don't get married at the ballpark I still want to incorporate some sporty elements into the wedding. I know I am so not being a girly bride, but I'm not a super girly girl in the first place so what did you expect.  I am refusing to have the wedding during college basketball season so I won't miss a UK game and doing it in March is completely out of the question because of March Madness. are some of the cool sporty things that got me super excited about wedding planning!

 I LOVE all these cool ring pictures where the photographer tried to incorporate sporty things or foods that you typically eat at the ballpark!

 I thought that was a cute little idea for a baseball themed wedding.
 Tickets as escort cards! LOVE IT!

 The Guestbook! All the guest sign a bat instead of a book!
 LOVE this picture minus the Red Sox cloth in the background. 

I would love to know how they got that personalized.  It seems like a cute and creative wedding favor. 
I don't care where we get married but I have to have these for all the groomsmen! Of course they would be Cleveland Indians and not the Twins but still I think these are so perfect for the guys instead of a flower.  

I think there are a lot of nice ways to incorporate sporty elements without going into the tacky or completely themed realm.  I am looking to have a nice balance of things.  I want to incorporate things Danny and I both love.  It's going to be fun figuring all that out and trying to piece things together in one cohesive and gorgeous wedding.  I can't wait!  Whatever we decide, fall garden wedding, or sporty ballpark wedding, or maybe even something completely different; I'm sure it will turn out amazing. 

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  1. Getting married at a baseball stadium would be pretty much amazing. :) So whether or not you get married there, what if for part Danny's groom dessert you did baseball cupcakes?? I don't know how you feel about that but that could be really cute! And you could have cake for him in the shape and design of a baseball diamond. So that'll be on display and the guests eat the baseballs! Is that crazy haha?

  2. P.S. - the fall items are beautiful! I'm a fan of lanterns! :) The picture of the harvest table in the collage is really pretty too! Selected some gorgeous inspirations.