Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maids of the Brides

Kasey (my sister and maid of honor) and I went bridesmaid dress browsing this past weekend.  I am pretty positive that it is going to take longer to find those dresses than it took to find my wedding dress.

I am trying to avoid David's Bridal since I am not really a fan of their selection.  I went to a boutique in Rocky River, that has locations nation wide, named Bella Bridesmaids.  They have a small selection and they offer designer dresses so some of them can be a little pricey.  But they are very good at letting you know all about the designers, the different variations of the dresses, and they track everything you are looking at for you.  I was very pleased with our experience there.

Kasey and I found a few that we liked but nothing really stood out and said, "I'm your dress."  I want to keep it really simple and just have everyone wear a little black dress.  That way it will look flattering on all figures and it really can be worn again since it will be black and knee length.

Has anyone ever picked their bridesmaid dresses from a department store or does everyone go to a bridal store? If you have gone the department store route I would love to hear about your experience.  You can Facebook or e-mail me or just comment on here.  If you didn't go with a department store or David's Bridal what route did you go with?

NOW time for some pictures! WARNING to all of my bridesmaids that may go shopping with me, this will happen to you too so prepare to model for my blog! Basically most of the dresses look the same.  I am kind of going for that look of a simple, structured, classic cocktail dress.  Only a few of them deviate from that idea of the simple black dress.  ENJOY! Thank you Kasey for being model number one!

 Dress number one from Bella Bridesmaids. We like it, it has pockets and comes in black.
 This is something I would wear mainly because of the ruffles. I don't know if Kasey was such a fan. 
 Simple onyx dress with pockets I think. 
 David's Bridal dress number one.  Pretty much like the ones from above but in a cotton fabric, I would rather have something in satin maybe.
 I think when I pulled this dress we were just pulling because we weren't finding a whole lot that we liked.  This one does look good on her but it's not necessarily what I was going for. 
 I am on the fence about the fabric "design" that is on the sleeve to the waistline of this dress. It has a nice shape and length though. 
This dress perplexes me. Will this look good on everyone because the neckline? The ruched waist is a plus though. 


  1. I did David's bridal - I went with a cocktail style as well in the same color as that last photo. Wanted my friends to have a truly reusable dress. I think you could do a department store too, especially since you're going with black. Matching with the groomsmen's vests/ties won't be an issue in your case.

    I wanted navy blue and its actually a harder color than you would think to find exact color match for because it varies in depth so much. So going with David's "marine" I could choose the color and then my groomsmen rented vests/ties from men's warehouse who carries the same color-line as David's bridal. Stress saver!

  2. I liked pretty much everything that didn't have ruffles and frills in these pictures. I think the bottom one is my fave.

  3. i LOVE the bottom two!!!! specifically the purple one.

  4. kasey you look so pretty! i really like the first and last one on you. the redish one's cute too!

  5. love the hot pink one and love the navy one! the navy one is my bridesmaid's dress but the short version. i picked that dress because i thought it was flattering on everyone.