Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Engagement

First things first, you should know how Danny proposed.

The proposal took place at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  It was the place we celebrated our one year anniversary on October 24, 2006.  All the different gardens are beautiful and I absolutely love going there.  It is a perfect place to go on a date. 

Waterfall at the gardens

Since we hadn't been to the gardens in such a long time, Danny thought it would be a good idea that we go again. We never went in the summer, we always went in the fall and he thought we should see if it was any different.  He picked out a day and we made it a date.

When we got there we did the usual walk around the desert gardens and then off to the butterfly greenhouse.  I was busy taking pictures as usual and we talked about all of our past dates to the gardens.

Butterfly at the butterfly greenhouse

We finally ventured outside and we stopped to look around the rose gardens.  A lady was there touring the garden with a wedding coordinator to see if that would be the venue for her wedding.  I perked up and asked Danny when I would get to do stuff like that with him and he just laughed and said, "I don't know maybe soon."

A few minutes later we walked through the Japanese gardens and saw a wedding being set up.  Danny didn't think it was funny as I did that there were so many wedding things going on at the gardens that day.  I got all excited again and kept talking more and more about getting married.

Japanese Gardens

We walked around for a little longer and I took more pictures.  We talked about our past visits and enjoyed the gardens some more.  

We got to the Waterfall Gardens and I turned around to take a few pictures of the the beautiful garden.  I was caught up in finding some nice shots and good angles of the waterfall.  I finally finished taking my pictures and turned around to move on to the next garden with Danny.  I looked down and Danny was on one knee with my ring in his hands and he asked, "Kara will you marry me?" I immediately said, "Yes," and started to cry.

Waterfall Gardens
Where he proposed, overlooking the Waterfall Gardens

 I'm a little obsessed! 

I honestly could not believe what had just happened.  I had no idea he was planning on asking me so soon.  I was completely caught of guard, just like he wanted.  

We went over to a bench and sat down for a little while and took some more pictures and called some of our friends and family members.  It was a beautiful day and a perfect proposal. I am so thankful to have such a great guy in my life.  

 Where we sat to take some pictures
 Just engaged!
I love him! 

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  1. Aw, Kara!!!! Congratulations, girl!! your ring is gorgeous!! Danny did an excellent job with that and the location and asking the right girl. :)

    Its funny - Kevin proposed to me at Bok Tower Gardens in Florida and I was busy taking pictures too when he popped the question and it was a surprise - I had no idea he was planning on asking! He didn't have my ring yet or get down on his knee there tho (but he did when he gave me my ring haha).