Friday, August 19, 2011

I am in LOVE with this!

To those of you who are planning a wedding right now, I have found one of the most helpful tools ever!  When I first started looking at venues and thought about a budget I was trying to find a way to organize the tons of information that I was being bombarded with.  I looked and looked online for something that would make this easier and I couldn't find anything that was an all in one kind of tool.  Then I found this.

Google documents has an all-in-one wedding planner! It is amazing!!  The planner is filled with spreadsheets that help you organize your venues, all your vendors, guest list, seating chart, and it even gives you itineraries and check lists to help you track all the tons of information you will need to plan out your wedding.

I have been putting together a guest list.  I can put all my guest and who they will bring, their addresses, e-mails, whether or not I have sent invitations to them, if they have dietary restrictions, and if they are apart of the wedding party or rehearsal dinner.  The guest list spreadsheet is amazing!

The venue spreadsheet is awesome too.  You are able to put all the contact information for the venue such as the website, the coordinator's name, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, whatever you need.  Also, you can track the capacity, cost, parking, or what you think is important to know about your future venue.  It is so helpful.

Here is the link to this amazing tool:

I highly recommend it!


  1. Wow! That's cool! Could have been a useful thing to have a couple of years ago haha.

    Oh and way to go including Danny on the wedding planning! Its really important to do that and get your groom's opinions and incorporate their likes/dislikes into the wedding. After all, its their wedding too! And you don't want him to feel cast aside or that you care more about your event than you do about him, the man you are marrying and the reason that you are able to plan such an awesome day. Ultimately the only thing that matters at the wedding is the bride and groom anyway - all the other details are icing on the cake, so to speak.

    Too many brides get so caught up in "its my wedding" and "I want this and I want that". No. You're about to get married. No more "I" and "me" only. It is now "our" and "we" - "our wedding" and "we want this or we want that". Keep up your good togetherness planning. :)

  2. if we were on facebook, i would "like" amanda's comment :)