Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy busy weekend

First things first. I got my shoes!!! I know a lot of you probably saw me yammering on about them on Facebook so I thought I would do the same on here too! I got UK blue shoes.  It is only appropriate that I have something blue of course why not it be my shoes? I decided heels probably wouldn't be the best idea since I will be having an outdoor wedding and I really don't want to aerate the ground the whole day.  So I went with some simple flats.  

Yesterday, I went on more venue tours.  I went back to Holden Arboretum with Danny and his mother.  They both were fans of the Butterfly Garden. Which was my favorite of the two gardens I looked at before with my mom. Here is a refresher of what the Butterfly Garden looks like. These are just from the venues website.  I didn't take any pictures yesterday.  

Before we went back to Holden we went to Progressive Field. First I must say that the coordinator is amazing.  She handles everything she possibly can for you.  She communicates with your vendors the day before and the day of the wedding.  The only things I would have to actually go out and look for are the baker, the photographer, and florist.  They handle all the food, set up and tear down of the facility, and it's all in one place so guest don't have to travel from one location to another.  I don't have to get an outside caterer, I don't have to pick out linens, flat ware, stem ware, and place settings.  I don't have to get a tent, tables, and chairs.  It is very easy to have a wedding and reception at the ballpark.  I love that.  It's probably my favorite thing about the place.  It is very convenient for us and our guest because of location too.  It's downtown, closer to us and centrally located so there is a ton of things for our guests to go out and do.  BUT the only problem we are facing is the date.  We have to wait for next season's schedule to be released before we can even set a date. AND we are on a wait list.  Thankfully we are higher up on the wait list but still there is the chance that some other couple could grab the few dates we had picked out.  So that is the only real problem we are seeing.  According to the coordinator the schedule will be released this week she is thinking.  We could possibly have our decision made this week or next week.  We will see what happens.

Here is a link to a couple's website that actually did get married at Progressive Field.  

 The field
 The Terrace Club from the inside
Outside view of the Terrace Club

Honestly, I could go either way with these places.  I have this debilitating split personality that is girly and a tom boy all at once.  It's really starting to make me realize that sometimes that can be a bad thing.  It's making the venue decision very difficult for me at least.  I am even considering destination wedding locations still.  This is the biggest decision of them all I am pretty sure.  I know all the other things I want for the most part but this one is just so up in the air for me.  I want to do something we will both love and that will be memorable, fun, and meaningful.  Fingers crossed that we will find something soon. 

We all know where Danny wants to get married between the two.  It's not even a competition.  Ballpark all the way.  I think if he had it completely his way though we would be getting married in Columbus at the shoe.  Everyone would wear a red and gray tux or dress and the OSU fight song would be on a loop.  Thank goodness he doesn't have full control over this!!

Never happening. EVER.

I'm pretty sure for those of you who know me, you know what would happen if I had complete control over all the wedding plans.  Maybe I am just as bad as him.  Oh well.  This helps get the OSU wedding out of my head though.

A girl can only dream. GO BIG BLUE!

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