Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding Websites

I am currently exploring all the different wedding planning websites.  There are sooooooo many of them it's almost overwhelming.  I am a huge fan of and I have started using that as one of my planning tools.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I also LOVE google documents wedding planning spread sheet.  That is how I am going to get a lot of stuff done like the guest list, vendor information, and the budget details.  However, I did find a site called and it's pretty helpful too.  So I decided to make wedding pages on both sites so people can choose which one they like the most.  Plus, I just enjoy making wedding websites because I am weird.  Pretty much all the details of the wedding will be accessible to the guests that look at any of the websites.  Down there are links to my wedding pages that are currently under construction.  As we get more things planned out the pages will have more information for everyone attending.  Both sites are very similar.  If you have any other sites that you have found helpful please share!! I am all about finding as many helpful tools as I can.

I hope you all enjoy!! I can't wait to add pictures and things to both sites.  Plus there will always be updates on the blog as usual.  My dad even gave me an idea to do video posts on sites like ustream so I can talk to everyone, show what I am working on, and I can even use it to show off some of the social media/broadcasting skills.  I am looking into that idea a little bit more until I make a decision.  

Switching topics...last night I went to an Indians game with Danny and pretty much every hour or so we kept saying, "We're getting married here." That really made me realize that we made the right decision for our venue since we are both excited about it and it made things seem like they were coming together.  Oh and now that we have a date set I can look for a wedding count down thing for the blog! It's under a year now till the wedding!! Wow that's crazy! Time is going to fly by real fast I can already tell.  

Here is a picture from last night's game. I love it! I'm thrilled to be getting married here!

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