Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dresses Galore

Today was a big day for getting things crossed off the to-do list.  I made a last minute plan to go get my dress fitted today while I was at dinner with my mom and sister last night.  We made the 45 minute trip over to Galleria Gowns in Willoughby Hills this morning and I got to put my beloved dress back on!

I brought my shoes and some other little accessories with me and got all jacked up in my dress for the first time!! It was very exciting.  I actually have decent pictures now too where my head isn't cut off! So if you want to see them send me an e-mail or Facebook message.  Originally I tried on a simple veil with a little ribbon trim around the edges but that was not in the store.  I tried on a double veil that was simple and medium length.  I loved the fullness of the veil and I actually liked it more than the first one I tried on.  It was a good thing I found that one too since I got it for a good price too! I didn't even plan on purchasing the veil today I was going to wait but whatever works.  I don't know if I actually want to use the front piece of the veil and have my face covered as I walk down the isle.  I feel like most people don't really do that anymore.  I kind of just like how it looks in the back because it is so full and it adds a little more detail.  I basically have my whole wedding look finished.  The dress has been fully purchased, along with the veil, shoes, and hair pin.  I have my jewelry that I am borrowing from my mom too.  I got a whole lot out of the way today and I am so relieved.

We even looked at a few more bridesmaid dresses too. Kasey was kind enough to model for me again.  Kasey found a few of these dresses weeks ago and e-mailed them to me and we loved them we just didn't know where to find them around here.  We lucked out and found them at Galleria so that was convenient and awesome all at once!  When Kasey put one dress on it made me think what about making the girls wear an ivory or champagne color instead of black.  I further confused myself so that kind of stinks since I am having a difficult time really deciding on the colors for people to wear. Black and white with a little bit of red thrown in here and there is what I am leaning towards or just black and white (or ivory or champagne).  I just want it simple and classic, that's what I'm going for.  Now back to the dresses.  We found two that we LOVED. The are EXTREMELY similar.  I think they will look good on pretty much everyone since the are a good cut and they have the straps too.  They have pockets too just like my dress.  One even has some flowers around the waist that mimics my dress some.

The issue though is getting the three girls in NC and LA (Jena, Sarah, and Brianne) in the dress and seeing if it looks good on them too.  I have a split bridal party.  Three girls are here in Cleveland (Kasey, Emily, and Cassie) and the other three are down south. We have the option of getting the girls' measurements e-mailed to the store here and then getting the dresses shipped to them and doing it that way.  I don't know if that is the best thing to do because I really want everyone to like the dress and feel comfortable in it.  Plus I want them in the dress before they order it so they can see it on them and kind of analyze it and all that good stuff.  What a process.  My head spins thinking about it so let's just move on to some pictures of dresses!

 Champagne dress by Alfred Sung from The Dessy Group
 The reason why I am considering switching my colors to champagne is because of this dress.  It's simple, classic, and very feminine.  
 Dress by Dessy Bridesmaids from The Dessy Collection/ Group
 Same cut as the champagne dress pretty much but different fabric and it has the flowers.
 Just another random dress that we kind of liked from the Dessy Group by Alfred Sung.
I don't know if I am crazy about the fabric.  It is really shimmery and it may not look good in photos.  Maybe it's different in black and not the same as this awful pink color.

I also met up with another bridesmaid today.  Cassie and I grabbed lunch and we talked all about wedding details which was so great since Danny is burnt out on all that stuff already (it's only been a little over a month). Then I randomly drug her to David's Bridal to try on two of the dresses that I liked on Kasey.  I love random trips with her to random places; we do a lot of those it seems. Cassie looked great in both of the dresses and I got to see them on her in black so I had a better idea what they would look like.  We have it narrowed down to two dresses from David's Bridal now and probably the two from Galleria.  Here are the other two dresses we liked.

Tonight I will be busy sending out a mass e-mail to my bridesmaids probably and getting all kinds of opinions hopefully.  Maybe we can get the ball rolling on that process now.  Even though that doesn't really need to get taken care of until January or so.  But hey they way things are going I may have this whole wedding planned out by January.

I am getting a head start on a lot of things mainly because I want to just spend the last month before the wedding worrying about moving to Columbus and just calling places and confirming everything.  I don't want to be running around from place to place picking up things and ordering things last minute.  The more I get done now the better I am thinking.  However, there will be no planning or blogging this upcoming week since I will be in Florida enjoying time with friends.  A lot was accomplished so I think it's time for a little planning break. UNLESS Progressive Field calls and tells us the schedule is finally out and we can book a date.  If that happens I am sure I will be typing away asap!


  1. Is that one of Kasey in navy (above the purple) the one I tried on in black and red? It looks so different in the different colors I can't tell! I also can see more clearly the pictures you showed me at lunch, and the back of that other navy one (very scooped back) is gorgeous. All you showed me are gorgous so you can't go wrong!

    Us? Random trips? Never! haha. I'm happy to be "dragged" anywhere. Love ya!

  2. Of the two from Galleria that you liked my votes either one is nice - I think I might like the blue one better tho?? And of the two from David's bridal - I still like the navy one best. :) you're right about the pink dress from Galleria... the fabric is kinda weird. If it came in a different fabric tho - I might vote for that one overall tho!