Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Be OR Not To Be (Traditional)?

I have recently been browsing the internet for photo ideas to give our photographer.  After looking at hundreds of photos I have caught myself falling in love with a variety of "First Look" photos.  For those of you who don't know what the "First Look" is I will tell you. Typically, what the "First Look" entails is the bride and groom decide to do photos before the ceremony usually due to time crunches in your wedding timeline.  The groom usually is pictured facing away from the bride with the bride behind him and then he turns around to see the bride and BOOM you have some beautiful and emotional photos of the bride and groom.

I like the idea of this because the pictures will look amazing and because you get a little time to talk as soon as you see each other and take in all the emotions that you are feeling plus you are get an intimate and private moment with your future spouse that only you two get to share.  This is something you don't usually get when you first see each other after walking down the isle and meeting at the altar (or in my case, home plate).  I know this is completely non-traditional and for many they think it will be bad luck because the bride and groom are seeing each other before the wedding.  I am very torn on this subject.  I would love to know what you all think.  If you did a "First Look" did you regret it at all?  If you didn't do one do you wish you did?

Here are some of the photos that have caught my eye.  This website has a great set of "First Look" photos as well. http://www.theweddingcentral.com/what-is-a-first-look-wedding-photography/

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  1. Kara this is a great post as it's such an important decision for couples, which I'm all in favor. I truly wish your first look is awesome and memorable !! Thank you so much for including us in it.