Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Successful Weekend of Crossing Off the Wedding To-Do List!!

As I mentioned this weekend was filled with getting some major wedding planning out of the way.  Danny came home and we got all kinds of things booked up and organized for the wedding.  

The first stop on Saturday (of course after watching an awesome UK win against Alabama) was our rehearsal dinner location.  Sammy's used to be a restaurant located in The Flats area of downtown Cleveland.  Now they are exclusively a catering company with the ability to still use the restaurant for different events.  The room that we will have has a nice view of the Cuyahoga River (yes that is the river that caught fire...twice).  I feel like it's the perfect size and it is very cozy and intimate.  Danny and his family did a great job at selecting the location.  We went over the contract, put down a deposit, and talked about the menu and floor plan.  

 Pictures from the website
 One of the views 
The table settings with a look at the view in the background...lovely Cleveland scenery I know...if only it wasn't so grey here!

After our successful trip to Sammy's we headed over to the ballpark and met with our photographer and event coordinator.  Sadly, since we got about 4 inches of snow this Friday, the field was covered in snow and because they were deconstructing the Snow Days slides and ice rink, we were unable to get a tour of the field and dugout suites.  We stayed in the Terrace Club (the reception location) and went over a time line and menu for the day.  Our photographer was able to get an idea of the area and came up with a few ideas for photos.  I am really excited about some of the ideas he came up with. 

This is pretty much what the field looked like that day but it was covered in real snow and the ice rink was totally taken apart.  

The last time Danny and I were at the field with our coordinator I didn't really notice how nice the dinner location is.  I knew it had an awesome view of the field but it is nice because there is a lounge area for all of our guests and it is nicely lit.  We went over a few more details about the day and then we were done.  

Then it was off to one of the hotels nearby to get an idea of how they block out their rooms for weddings.  Unfortunately, we didn't really get that all figured out since the person in charge wasn't there BUT they did take the time to explain it to us a little bit.  Plus, we got an idea of what the hotel looked like, where everyone could park, etc.

After our busy day downtown we went over to Michael Symon's restaurant Lolita's for an early b-day dinner since Danny can't make it home next weekend.  We went over some ideas for favors for the guests and talked about other planning we need to get done.  It was difficult to talk about the wedding details though because our meal was DELICIOUS!  To all of my guests that will be coming from out of town and may be looking for a place to go to dinner that is about 5-10 minutes from downtown go to Lolita's you will not be let down!  

Now back to wedding planning details after my little commercial for another Food Network chef's restaurant...I think we are going to take a little break since so much is done.  All the vendors are booked except for the baker like I said in the last post.  I think we may start working on our invitations and the wording.  Danny has been appointed by me to look into blocking out hotel rooms, since I think he does a good job with talking to vendors and things like that.  Other than that I think I am just going to be looking all over Pinterest for inspiration for favors, centerpieces, and other details.  If you see any cute little things please let me know!!  And if you have any tips on decorating, photo ideas, selecting favors, blocking out rooms, or whatever please share!  

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