Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Finally Stopped Being Lazy and Over Analyzing!!

Today I finally decided to drop off deposits for my florist and photographer!  Both are booked, contracts are signed, and ready to go!  I am so glad to get that out of the way.  I honestly don't know why I waited so long to do that but I kept thinking I would look at more vendors even though I knew that I chose the right ones for us.

This week is FILLED with wedding planning.  Besides getting two major vendors booked we are meeting with our wedding coordinator and photographer on Saturday to tour the field, set up a timeline for the big day, and to get any questions answered about the venue.  On top of that we are putting down the deposit for our rehearsal dinner location.  Danny has been on a roll this month in finding where the rehearsal dinner will be.  He looked at all kinds of places all while booking up our honeymoon!  After all that we are going to try and get some information on booking some hotel rooms for our out of town guests too!  It's crazy how much goes on during the weekends when Danny comes to Cleveland.

Our honeymoon is going to be in San Francisco/Inverness (Point Reyes)/Napa Valley, CA.  We are both super excited about it!  We are staying at a cute little cottage in Inverness.  Then we are going to drive over to San Fran a few days to check out the different sites and catch a Giants game!!  One of the things I am most excited for is going over to Napa to eat at Bottega which is Michael Chiarello's restaurant.  I am a Food Network/Travel Channel junkie and the fact that we are going to a Food Network chef's (who was on The Next Iron Chef, Super Chefs) restaurant makes me soo happy!  The way we usually map out places to go and eat is based off which places we have seen on Food Network and Travel Channel.  We may even try to go to Citizen Cake which is Elizabeth Falkner's ice cream parlor/restaurant (since she was also on The Next Iron Chef, Super Chefs)...I know I'm a total nerd.  I cannot wait for our trip thought it's going to be fun!

 Point Reyes/ Inverness
San Fran
 Citizen Cake!!! I am dying to go there!  

The rest of the planning seems to be going well.  I am pretty sure we decided on a baker we are going to wait a few months before we book them up and sign a contract.  I love going on and crossing off items on my checklist.  Apparently there are still 117 more things I need to do...CRAZY!  I feel like I can take a breather after this weekend because we have our major vendors booked up finally.  I can take the time to figure out the little details now like what kind of favors to give the guests.  The little details are going to be exciting to plan out because that's what will make the wedding feel more personal and fun.  I'll keep everyone updated on what happens Saturday especially if anything exciting happens!

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  1. UPDATE: Citizen Cake has closed...I am so bummed! Oh well I am sure we will have no problem at all finding another place to stuff our faces in San Fran!!