Friday, December 30, 2011

Marking Off The To-Do List

Danny and I did so much wedding planning last week it seems.  We decided on our photographer, selected and ordered the tuxedos for all the men, picked out our invitations/programs, finalized the bridesmaid dress selection, and notified our florist that we are going to be working with them.  Tomorrow we are going to go to another baker and try some more cake!  I can't believe we have so much done.

We went with the bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal.

Then we decided on a tuxedo from Men's Warehouse.

Here are the invitations and programs.


The photographer we went with is the one that has worked with Danny's family a few times.  I was very impressed with how in depth the meeting went and how enthusiastic he was about taking pictures for our big day.  We now have to decide on where we want the photos to be taken and what kind of pictures we would like to see.  I have found a few ideas that I really like.  To see more you can go to my pinterest of course!

Too cute!

I LOVE this ring picture!

I am really excited about all the ideas that are out there for this baseball wedding.  We do have to find a place around Cleveland that is indoors just in case of the rain so we can take some pictures.  Thankfully at the ballpark we have a back up place there in case of rain so that's taken care of.  Besides figuring that out I am pretty sure the wedding planning is going to slow down for a while.  We will meet with our coordinator from the ballpark next month to get a timeline for the day and tour the area with our photographer so he can get an idea of what the venue is like.  Maybe after this weekend we will even have our baker picked!  As always I'll keep everyone updated!

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