Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Memories That Last A Lifetime

Next weekend Danny and I will hopefully get some major wedding planning done.  Danny and I  will be meeting with another baker, then I think we have one more to meet with before we make our decision on which one to go with.  Picking the baker is such a huge decision in Danny's eyes it must be taken really is one of the main things he cares about in this whole planning process.  Plus, Emily will be trying on her bridesmaid dress and we will probably make the final decision on if that is the dress or not.  I am pretty sure it is though.  After looking at the dress, Emily and I may force Danny to at least browse at some tux options just so we can get an idea of what is out there.

Also, I am excited and relieved to say we are finally meeting with a photographer.  I have been nervous about not booking one in time for the big day.  It is so stressful to hear vendors tell you that we have to book almost a year in advanced to assure our day is reserved.  I just find that crazy!  Hopefully things will go well next Friday and we will have a photographer booked!  I feel like I have looked at thousands of photographers around the area and looked through countless numbers of their portfolios.  It is exhausting.  The one we are meeting with has a nice portfolio and I think things will work out well if we decide to go with them.

I have been trying to consider the types of photos I would like to have and I have been adding them to my Pinterest boards.  I know I just posted about that website but I cannot get enough of it.  I love it!  You can check some of them out at this link:

I will constantly be adding more and more pictures to the board as well as the others.  Although, I think I have looked at almost every wedding picture the internet has just to find some inspiration for some of our own photos, I will still search for more.  While I have been looking at what seems like billions of photos I have stumbled upon some truly strange, awkward, and crazy photos that I just feel I should share.  They are definitely photos I do not want from my big day but I figured I would give you all a nice laugh.  

This reminds me of those 90s photo booth pictures.
So weird...oh airbrushed hearts and cupid.
I don't even understand this photo.
Truly awesome...
Weird. And not happening.
I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people had a photo like this accidentally show up in their wedding albums.
I don't get the stuffed animal thing at all.
What amuses me is that there is a boy Hello Kitty.
All the money in the world couldn't get Danny to do this...I love this picture just because it's so funny.
Apparently this is a trend in Japan.
Time for some of my faves!!! I love these because they are so weird!

The expression on the guys face is awesome.
I don't know why you would want pictures with horses on your wedding day but whatever floats your boat I guess.
I don't know why the next two have bulldozers transporting the wedding party members but I find it amusing.

I truly believe in my heart that if Danny could do this he would.  

Is it bad that I can see Danny making that face in one of the pictures just to make me mad?  
And is it even worse that I can see myself doing this to make my mother mad?

Oh I can't wait to take and see all my wedding photos.  I have a feeling there will be some funny ones.  Maybe not as funny as all of those but I am sure there will be some that will make people laugh or cringe whichever one.

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