Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Been a While

I feel like I haven't blogged in a while so it's time for an update of what's going on in my wedding planning life.  I have been working on what seems to be the final touches of the guest list for the past few days.  I have about 98% of all the addresses.  (Thank you Danny for being so helpful!)  I had to constantly refer to proper wedding invitation etiquette guides; so that was actually a learning process.  I feel so informed now haha.  For those of you that will also be working on addressing invitations soon, here is a helpful link:

Invitation Etiquette

I had one other thing that made me think while I was gathering addresses; do you have to hand write out every person's address that you are inviting, or can you just print the address onto the envelope or just use a label?  I researched the question at hand and I saw numerous arguments for both approaches.  What are your thoughts?  I am very interested in your feedback.  What about the return address?  Can you use a label or print it out on the envelope or do you need to hand write it on each invitation envelope and every response card's envelope?  Such a thought provoking topic of wedding conversation, I know.  Let's settle down now and calm our brains haha.

I also worked on save-the-dates.  Now I am using two different styles of save-the-dates.  I am working on the usual order and mail out save-the-date.  It is super simple just white and black with a little design on it, similar to the invitations.  Then I'm sending out electronic save-the-dates too.  I know many people don't feel that is traditional, but like I've probably said before, neither is getting married at a ballpark.  It's not a formal wedding or wedding venue, so I feel you don't necessarily have to have a formal save-the-date.  For people that don't have e-mail, we will be sending out the hard copy save-the-dates; it's a balance I feel.

After working on the guest list and the save-the-dates, I decided to go ahead and download the template for the invitations we picked out.  I think I said in an earlier post that we decided to go with an invitation kit.  The kit is actually really cool because it has all the envelopes, the RSVP cards, the invites, and then you just go to the manufacturers website and download the template and just put all your information in and PRINT!  Hopefully all goes well when it comes time to print all those invites.  I worked on the wording and it just needs to be approved by both families. Then I even jumped the gun and started working on the programs!  Those are exactly like the invitations.  They come in a kit and it's the same thing you just go online and download the template and go to town with putting in whatever information you want and print like crazy.

Other things I have looked into are details for the reception, gifts for my bridesmaids (which I am very excited about), favor ideas (no solid decision yet just a few ideas here and there), looking for ceremony musicians (which I have found), figuring out the ceremony music (pretty much done), and booking an alternative location to take pictures in case of rain.  Our photographer, suggested that we book the Cuyahoga County Courthouse to take pictures indoors.  I am not very familiar with the building but last time Danny was in Cleveland we drove by it and it's beautiful on the outside.  I found some pictures of what it looks like on the inside too!

If we do have the opportunity to take pictures outside (fingers crossed it doesn't rain) we will go to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.  The gardens are very unique and gorgeous.  There are over 20 different gardens and each one represents a different world culture.  I have seen so many wedding photos from the gardens and even when I visit them I tend to see wedding parties there for pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I guess next on the agenda will be addressing those envelopes and printing out those invitations.  I'm in no rush to start that now.  The invitations don't need to be sent out until June or July so I can take my time either hand writing out addresses or working on a system to print out envelopes or labels haha.

Outside of the wedding planning, Danny and I have been apartment hunting.  We found out future place and he will be moving in around April or May.  Then of course I'll move in in September.  Just one weekend of hunting was enough for both of us!  What an exhausting process.  Luckily it's over with!  I may post pictures of the apartment after Danny has moved and settled.  So keep a look out for those!

I feel like I haven't done very much, but thankfully I have a group of people that constantly reassure me that I am ahead of the game and I don't need to worry about falling behind in planning.  Thank you to those people. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or opinions you would like to share please do!

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