Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have started the one thing I have been dreading about this whole wedding planning process...assembling the invitations.  I am aware that it is early and I don't need to send out invitations until June or July.  BUT like everything else I have been doing with planning, I just want it done and out of the way.  I truly did not think it would be that long of a process to get the invites thrown together but there are these little glue dots that came with the invitations and they are driving me CRAZY!

Printing them out was not a big problem.  I had a little confusion on paper size when sending them to the printer but thankfully my dad helped me figure all that out.  Let's just say I am a laggard and I am still used to the old version of MS Word. I was able to get the RSVP cards printed, the RSVP envelopes printed, and finally after messing with some spacing and font sizes I got the invitations printed.  I do have to say though I felt ridiculous when I went up to my mother and asked her, "Where should the scroll detail be on the RSVP card? On the top or on the bottom? What looks better to you?"  I felt a little bit crazy because I was obsessing over such a minuscule detail.

The problem is the whole process of finishing the invitation to make it look pretty and all that girly stuff.  I will post pictures to help illustrate the confusion I am about to bring upon you.  My invitations are a part of a kit.  There is the actual card stock the invitation is printed on, a black backing with a scroll detailing on the upper and lower corners of the invitation, the RSVP card, the RSVP card envelope, and the inner and outer envelopes for the entire invitation.  The black backing is what you need the glue dots for.  I have to take the invitation and glue it to the backing and then put even more glue dots on the scroll details so they stick.  I spent a good two hours or so last night just getting four glue dots on just the backs of all the invitations.  Now 75 invitations may not seem like a lot, but when you have to assemble each invitation one by one and you have to pay attention and make sure everything fits right and is centered correctly, you realize 75 is a whole lot.  Needless to say I will be doing just a few here and there for now instead of trying to tackle them all like I did last night.  Stupid idea on my part.  My hands were turning black, sticky, and dry because of all the paper and glue dots.

The dining table littered with all the invitation junk
 The RSVP card and invitation
 The invitation and the backing
 Stupid glue dots, they are so hard to take off the tiny piece of paper, that's why I hate them so much right now.
The backing and the scroll details 
All the glue dots that need to be put on the invitation
The finished product

I don't want to think about addressing the endless pile of envelopes that will need mailing addresses, return addresses, postage, and to be sealed.  I am hoping  my lovely fiance and mother will help address and stuff all the envelopes when we get around to that task.  Licking wedding envelopes just makes me think of that one Seinfield episode (obviously I have been around Danny too much if I am thinking about Seinfeld episodes) where George's fiance dies from licking so much cheap envelope glue.  The whole thing about licking an envelope grosses me out so much.  You are licking paper, that was probably touched by a few other hands, and the glue tastes disgusting.  So I will be using a little trick that I learned from Martha Stewart...use a damp sponge and dab the sponge over the glue strip and seal.  Thank you Martha for saving my tongue from the dreaded envelope glue.  WOW after that envelope glue rant I probably sound like a FREAK.  Sorry everyone I had to share.

Along with the invitation assembly line, I just finished addressing the hard copies of the save-the-dates that I ordered.  If you need something printed and you want to get it online, I suggest  It was super easy to create what I wanted, it was affordable, and the finished product looked great.  They came within a week of ordering them too!  I only needed a few of them since we sent out electronic save-the-dates.  But addressing maybe about 15 envelopes gave me an idea on how long it's going to take to get the invitations addressed...bleh I don't want to think about it.

Besides drowning in piles of paper, wedding planning is going well.  I found shoes for my bridesmaids and they all liked them; which is awesome that they all agreed!  I have such great and cooperative bridesmaids.  Danny got his groomsmen gifts ordered.  We ordered the cakes for the reception.  My dress arrived at the store I purchased it from so I will have to make a fitting appointment soon!!  I am excited to get back into that dress.  I just love it so much.  We reserved two blocks of hotel rooms at two different hotels downtown.  I updated our wedding website with all the accommodation information.  Here is the link again in case anyone needs it: Our Wedding Website
And we are looking for a hotel in Westlake to reserve a block of rooms too.  

Other than all that not much else is going on.  I was in Columbus last weekend and Danny and I started to look at furniture for our apartment.  I think we found a pretty cool sectional and chair to go in the living room.  Next we are going to look at dining tables and chairs.  So many grown up things to go out and look for.  I think it overwhelms Danny sometimes haha. During our furniture shopping we manage to take breaks and watch all the basketball games that are going on, so it won't be too draining.  AND speaking of basketball...I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE UK IN THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!! GO CATS!  Danny and I are awaiting the possibility of an OSU v. UK rematch...I don't think we will be watching it together this year since last year it was a little intense (mainly because UK WON!!!).  Oh and just in case those of you who follow me on Facebook were wondering, I already beat Danny in brackets this year, so that is 6 out of 7 times!  Woohoo!  Now that my blog entry has strayed away from wedding planning I guess I will wrap it up.  Good luck to my wildcats this weekend! And if any of you have any suggestions or comments feel free to share!

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