Monday, April 16, 2012


I just wanted to take a little time and let everyone know that I am FINALLY FINISHED assembling all the invitations.  I spread them out over weeks because I really could not even imagine getting them done all at once. Basically this is just me telling everyone how happy I am to be finished.  Addressing them is next not thrilled about that either.  But addressing invitations does not involve glue dots so I'm pumped!

As for other wedding planning news there is not much to say.  I decided on my bridesmaid shoes.  I was thinking for a while we could do two different style of shoes but since one was sold out the decision was made easier for me and everyone else to just go with one type of shoe.

I scheduled my first dress fitting for next month! I am eager to get in that dress again!  Danny and I have been shopping for our wedding bands.  I finally found one that goes nicely with my ring.  Danny basically picked out the same style of band at every store we went to.  I feel so educated on diamonds and their settings after looking at some many different bands at about five different stores.  I'll have to post pictures later next month after we go back and order them.  

One of Danny's friends from OSU is going to be helping with the wedding video.  I am so excited about it because he is so excited to be involved.  He and I have been going back and forth on ideas for the video and I am sooooo happy with some of the things he has come up with.  I can't wait to meet with him and just bounce ideas off of each other. 

Danny is moving into the apartment next week so things are starting to hit me.  I am realizing that I am going to help Danny move into our own place and I won't be living with my family anymore starting in September.  So many life changes are happening this year.  It's a little overwhelming at times but I am excited for them even though I am still nervous. Plus, I have been thinking wow I am getting married in 160 days.  That seems like a long time, but the past few months have been flying by.  I am glad that we got so much done already so I won't be scrambling around before the wedding trying to get stuff done.  It's nice right now because all the vendors are booked and all I have to do is just little stuff here and there.  I was looking at one of my wedding checklists the other day and I am more than halfway through it already!  CRAZY!  I was going down the list and seeing:

photographer and videographer-booked
florist- booked 
registry- completed
string trio for the ceremony- booked
indoor photo location in case of rain- booked
cake- ordered
stationary- purchased 
venue- booked
save-the-dates: sent
dress- purchased and ready for fittings, and I already have all my accessories
bridesmaid dresses- all ordered pretty much as well as shoes pretty much all ordered
groomsmen tuxedos- ordered, the guys just need to get fitted
hotels for guest- reserved
honeymoon- booked

I am so happy to see stuff like that!  I really thought wedding planning would be such a difficult task.  I realized though, if you take on one or two things at a time, you have other people helping you, or if your groom is involved with the planning, then it's not so bad.  I highly highly recommend staying organized and using spreadsheets and keeping your paper work in a binder to help make the process easier.  I made collages of photos that I liked and gave them to all my vendors and they loved that too because they understood what I was looking for that way. 

I think I have come along way from not even knowing what kind of wedding I wanted to having so much accomplished already.  I'm serious though, I never thought as a little girl about what kind of wedding I wanted or what kind of dress I wanted to wear, or the colors, or the cake or anything. The idea just never really appealed to me, I knew I wanted to get married, but I didn't really care about all the details.  Now though, I have a pretty good idea of how things are going to look and I can't wait to see it all come together!!  

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