Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Knocked it Out of the Park

I couldn't believe it but I sat myself down one night and took the time to address every envelope.  All but three invitations are now addressed and ready to be stuffed with their invitation goodness.  The whole process took about an hour or two but it wasn't as bad as I thought. THANK GOODNESS!  I do have to admit, I did get frustrated when my handwriting didn't look perfect.  I did have to throw out a few envelopes because I didn't like how I wrote a guest's name or address.  My perfectionism still haunts me even after being out of school. Oh, and one other thing I must admit.  I had a Billy Madison moment and forgot how to write a cursive, "z" and I actually had to Google it.  I never write in cursive and I was almost embarrassed that I had to search, "how to write letters in cursive"...I felt like I stepped back into elementary school.  It's depressing that my mind is already fading and I'm not even 25 yet.  

In other wedding planning news.  I have a dress fitting this month (which I mentioned in my last post). Plus we are meeting with our coordinator next month and getting a tour of the field and dugout suites.  Since planning is kind of at a standstill I just keep thinking the last month before the wedding is going to be hectic and catastrophic.  That's just my OCD, pessimistic, perfectionism coming out though.  I am sure it will all be fine, but I am setting myself up to think something may go wrong.  That way if something really does go wrong, I knew it was coming and I won't feel like the world is coming to an end.  I know it's really weird to think that way but oh well it's how I cope with stress.

That's pretty much all that has been going on as far as planning goes.  

I am happy to announce that after a whole week of being in Columbus; Danny is finally moved into our new apartment!  Moving is so exhausting.  I cannot stress that enough.  It's so exhausting that Danny has already committed to hiring movers for our next move.  That move is a while off though.  The move went well though and I'm glad it's finished!

The apartment looks pretty empty as of now.  Danny's things are minimal and do not fill the two story apartment.  Pictures need to be hung, more furniture needs to be bought, and it just needs to be personalized more towards our tastes.  Plus I need to move in there still!

We made our first big purchases as a couple this weekend to help fill up the apartment.  We found a larger sectional to replace his smaller couch.  Finding the couch wasn't even that difficult.  Thankfully, Danny lives by a ton of furniture stores so we just went to about five or six stores within two or three hours and found our couch.  We even agreed on what kind of furniture we want for our new place!  That's one thing that many people have noticed while we have picked out items for our registry or furniture for our place; we have no problems with compromising and agreeing on what we want.  Or it could be that Danny just doesn't care haha.  I will just continue to think we are an agreeable couple.  We also found a kitchen island and some bathroom storage shelving.  The apartment kitchen is lacking in counter and cabinet space so it's nice to have the island.  Slowly but surely the apartment will fill up and it will feel just like ours.

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