Monday, June 11, 2012

It's All Moving so Fast!

I cannot believe how quickly the days have been going by recently.  Only a 103 more days till the wedding!  I feel like I still don't have a lot going on though!  I have just been knocking stuff out as it comes along but I still just don't feel like I am overwhelmed with a ton of wedding planning tasks.  Here's what I have been up to in case you were wondering.  Danny and I met with our fantastic coordinator, Teri, on Saturday.  We actually got to go on the field and in the dugout to see how everything will run that day.  It was hot on that field; I am keeping my fingers crossed for a nice 65 degree slightly cloudy day.  They were setting up for a gala that night so there were tons of people running around setting up tables and chairs, moving centerpieces around, and trying to figure out where to put things.  It was a little crazy but it was nice to see how things will look from up close.  We met with our other photographer for the day too.  He was very nice and he is going to be great to work with that day.  He took a few pictures and shared two of them with us later that day.  He constantly took pictures of us talking with the coordinator. Here they are...not the most flattering but you can see how bright it was that day, the centerpieces the florist was working on, and the stands.

 We both look weird...oh well. Hopefully he will send more and I can post them on here!

I felt like I had a million questions to ask Teri and the photographer so thankfully they were patient and willing to answer all of them.  It feels good to have things figured out.

Speaking of getting things figured out.  I have been working on the wedding day timeline.  I am not a fan of scheduling days exactly to the minute I am finding.  It is not fun at all.  It's also very confusing. I know the timeline is essential so I will not complain too much.

Other things on my to-do list are sending out the pile of wedding invitations that have been sitting in our living room for about a month.  Those will probably go out more towards the end of the month.  I am trying to wait till the three month point.  I am excited to get rid of those.  They caused me so much trouble haha.  The next thing I will have to tackle are the programs.  That shouldn't be too bad since assembling them will mainly consist of printing and putting the pages in order.  I still have to wait to get the details like flowers figured out because that doesn't need to be done until it's closer to the wedding.  My florist did start working on the boutonnieres for the guys and they are AMAZING!  I didn't want the guys to have flowers since they usually fall off and well guys just don't really care for flowers that much.  So my awesome florist came up with this idea based off a picture I showed her when we first met.  I LOVE IT!

The top is the original picture I showed her and the bottom is what she came up with.

I think the guys will really like it because it's something different and it's sporty.  I can't wait to see what else she comes up with.  

I did have my first dress fitting this month.  That went well.  My dress needed a lot of hemming and it needed to be taken in, so that means I will be trying my hardest to avoid junk food and actually work out for once. 
All the bridesmaids have their shoes and dresses so that is a relief.  Groomsmen are falling behind the girls and some still need to get fitted but I am going to let Danny be the one in charge of all that mess.  

Danny and I both picked out and purchased our wedding bands.  Yes, it is early, but with all the chaos of planning a wedding with us being apart we needed to get that out of the way.  I had to try on mine of course to see if it fit.  So I may have taken a picture of it while it was on my finger =)

Don't worry, the ring is no longer in my possession.  It is at Danny's parent's house because my family is in the process of moving and I don't want to leave it at our house.  So I am not wearing it.  Danny isn't as thrilled about wearing a ring.  He tried on his and said it felt funny wearing the ring.  He will have to learn to get used to wearing jewelry.  Even though he already wears a watch (that was his wedding present, that he wasn't supposed to get until the day of the wedding, but someone is sneaky) he still has to get used to it.  

Others things I am trying to figure out are what details to incorporate into the wedding.  I found this cool little baseball with a heart stitched into it that I want to use in some way.  The box and the grass are not included with the ball.

I think I want to use it for this cool ring picture. 

I decided that I do not want the traditional guest book.  We are going to have a a few different items for guests to sign, and yes they do revolve around baseball so I think most of you can guess what those might be.  I figured out what kind of favors I want to do for my guests.  I have been working on out of town guest gift bag fillers too.

I have been looking through pictures from baseball weddings and I am pleasantly surprised to see that more people are starting to have sports themed weddings.  That is good for me because now I have more ideas for decorations and photos!  Here are a few photos that I may want to get.

 These two are my favorites

For now I will be sitting tight and waiting for more stuff to come my way and I'll keep counting down the days.  If you see any cool pictures or wedding ideas please share!!

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