Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Bridesmaids Are Better Than One

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  I was soo excited to have one of my best friends from college in town for a whole week!  Brianne and Cassie both agreed to endure hours of bridesmaid dress shopping!  What great friends right?  We went to three different stores and spent countless hours searching through racks and racks of dresses.  I didn't realize until then how hard it is to find flattering dresses for all different body shapes.  None of us could believe how many dresses out there are just straight up hideous. There were many jokes and comments made about neon orange or rainbow colored gowns that made me cringe.  I kept wondering why in the world do designers put these dresses out there for the masses to purchase?  As a bride I really do not think it is a smart idea to put your bridesmaids who are usually your closets friends and family members in ugly dresses and possibly ruining your wedding pictures that you will look at for years to come. One good point was made while Brianne and I watched an episode of Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids this week.  The bridesmaids are the frame of a picture and the bride is the center of the picture so why would you want the frame to look bad and not uniform?

I am now determined to find a dress that all my bridesmaids will like.  I truly want to make sure they are comfortable, gorgeous, and happy with the dress choice.  I think we may have found a winner.  The crazy thing is it's from David's Bridal too!  The store I have had issue after issue with may be the store we go with to purchase all these dresses.  Kasey, Cassie, Brianne have all tried on this dress and they have all liked it.  It is the number one dress for Brianne and Cassie.  Hopefully the other three bridesmaids will like the dress as much as they did when they tried it on.  So here is the front runner for now:

Typical Brianne look...but the dress does look good on both of them.  I like it in black and red but I think we will go with the black if this is the dress.  
Here it is again on Kasey.  I think this picture has been posted at least three times already haha. 

I really do like the dress more and more I see it.  I remember a few years ago when we were looking for dresses for my other bridesmaid, Sarah's wedding, that I kind of liked that dress.  I didn't think it would still be around by the time I got married though (of course at that point in time I thought I wouldn't be getting married till I was probably 30).  The dress is very simple, looks great in black, flatters the three different figures it has been on, and it looks classic.  I'm all about simple and classic. 

Now it's time to see some of the other pictures from the shopping marathon!!!!! There were too many dresses we decided to pass on taking pictures of just because they were a little too horrendous.  But hopefully you all will enjoy these!

Showing off the guns!
 This is the blue dress Kasey tried on from Galleria Gowns that we liked on her.  BUT I don't think it is the dress I want to go with since it didn't look the same on Brianne and Cassie. One comment in particular made me think maybe we should go with a different dress.  Cassie's, "I don't really like these lines on the boobs because they make them look pointy," comment made me think, no darting on the boobs!  That was used a lot the rest of the shopping trip.  Every time we saw darting on the chest that's all we talked about. 
 Love the color of this dress but it doesn't go with my color scheme.  I do like the dress but there were a few issues with the fit. 
 Cassie is a little more enthusiastic to be trying on dresses.  I really liked this one but it's a little pricey I found out.
 It's just crazy how the same dress can look so different on another person!
 The Lazaro on Brianne.
A newer dress from David's Bridal.  There is a sheer detailing around the neckline and the back but something just didn't seem right.  I felt like it was a dress that people in a high school chorus would wear or something when I saw it on the two of them.  I do like the face Brianne has on though! Hopefully she won't do that in all the wedding pictures....she probably will though.  

What troopers to let me put their pictures on here!  That's one thing that Brianne knew was coming as soon as she decided to come up to Cleveland and visit.  I told her we have to go bridesmaid dress shopping and she instantly reacted with, "Ugh I'm going have to be on your blog like your sister." So thank you Cassie and Brianne for being so cooperative and letting me take all kinds of pictures of you and trying on some crazy dresses. 

What's next on the planning agenda? Danny will finally be back in Cleveland and he actually arranged for us to meet with two local cake bakers!  So lots of tasting and picture flipping will be in the near future for the two of us.  


  1. I so posted a comment on this from work the day you posted it! Rats. Love the dress! Love both from David's Bridel actually. Def my fav two but you can put me in whatever ya like love.

  2. Ug it won't let me delete that so...Bridal*** also, I think I made a comment that she'd be as enthusiastic as I was with a few benedryl!