Monday, October 17, 2011

The ONE Thing I Know Danny Wants to be Involved With

Saturday morning Danny and I will be looking at probably one of Danny's favorite things in the world besides sports, cake.  I thought looking for photographers would be the next thing we do but Danny wanted to jump the gun and look at cake bakers in our area instead.  We are only looking at two places that morning to get an idea about what all goes into a consultation and different prices, flavors, styles, etc.

Since the day is approaching soon and I haven't even thought about the cake and what it should look like I decided to do a little browsing on and google.  I know we are going to have a black and white color scheme so I have looked at hundreds of black and white cakes in just the past few hours.

This is what I know I like.  I know I want something small.  I think I want to do a smaller cake for Danny and I to cut and as a way to avoid getting a massive cake.  I want something simple.  I feel like I have been saying that a lot when describing my wedding.  I am all about a small, simple, black and white cake, with just a few flowers on it for detail.  Flavor is a whole other story since that will mainly be up to Danny I feel like.  He is all about how the cake tastes.  It has to be good and it has to please his humongous sweet tooth.

Here are a few pictures that I have found that maybe possibilities for our cake.  First are the anemone flower cakes; all in black and white.  I LOVE these flowers I think I really want to incorporate them into my whole wedding.  They are just so simple and elegant.  I have seen them in so many different colors too.  They can be red, pink, blue, purple, and of course white.  They all have the interesting and gorgeous black center no matter what color they are.  After all the anemone flower cakes are just simple all white cakes with pretty floral detailing.  Like I have said over and over again, " I love simple details."  I am actually really excited about finding all these pictures.  They are all very pretty and I think they are a great way to just give the bakers an idea of what I would like.  Hopefully, Danny likes them too.  I think he really just cares about the taste though.

I like how there is the ribbon detailing with just a couple of anemone flowers to complete a smaller three tiered cake.
 Similar to the one above but a little wider and the flowers aren't as detailed. 
 Piping and flowers for detail
I like this one without all of the black ribbon or piping.  I think the white with just the flowers is so pretty.  Plus the stripes in the cake are really nice for texture.
I like how the baker used purple floral accents in this cake.  
Square cake time!  I like how there are clusters of flowers on each tier of this cake.  I don't know if I like all the lines on it though.  
I like the red and pink anemone flowers on this cake.  
Gorgeous!  I love how they used real flowers on this one.
 Tons of flowers!!! LOVE!
 I really like this one! The cake topper is cute too! I love the dog!
 This one looks like lace to me and it's so pretty! I like how there are little flowers in each circle too. 
 Cute little flowers cascading down the cake. 
I like the roses and the sheer ribbon on this cake.

Here is just a collage I made on Picasa of all the cakes listed above with a few extras thrown in there that I liked too.

If you aren't using Picasa, start using it NOW!  It's amazing and so easy to use.  It is a great photo editor and it organizes all your pictures according to who is pictured in the photo.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Now that I am done with my commercial for Picasa...please leave comments and let me know what you think of the cakes.  If you have any suggestions I would love to read them.  Oh and if you know of any bakers or cake flavors that you love I want to read all about it!

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  1. I really like the first one and the square ones like the 9th down. All very pretty though. I think the dark contrast one the white cake is super elogant (ignore my spelling).

  2. plan on having more cake than people!!! we wanted a big cake even though we didnt have that many people. (50 more servings of cake than people) and we had NO leftovers!!! it also gave us the top tier to save for our 1st anniversary

  3. Another option for shape is to mix tiers - alternate square and round tiers. That's what Kevin and I did for our wedding cake and it was gorgeous!

  4. LOVE the first one. it's perfect in every way!!!