Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Groom's Cake...It's a Southern Thing

After looking at normal wedding cakes I thought I would look at groom's cakes too.  Apparently up here in "Yankee" land they don't usually have groom's cakes.  Most people I have talked to them about don't even know what they are.  For those of you who don't know have you ever seen Steel Magnolias?!?! Hello! Armadillo shaped, red velvet, groom's cake!  I am just going to guess that groom's cakes are a "Southern thing."  But I still would very much like to have one either for the rehearsal dinner or for the reception.  

People who don't know Danny, let me give you a little background on him.  He is from Cleveland, he lives and breathes sports.  He loves the Cavaliers, Indians, Steelers, and of course Ohio State.  He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Business (concentration Logistics).  He says he bleeds scarlet and gray...whatever I bleed UK blue.  He loves football more than anything it seems.  His favorite color is, you guessed it, red (or scarlet).  Other than Ohio State and sports his other love is sugary baked goods.  An Ohio State cake is pretty much a given then right?  Yep!  I haven't even thought about anything else that would be a good groom's cake, except for a cake made to look like Jim Tressel, which isn't happening.  Here are some pictures of cakes I have stumbled across online.  For those of you who hate OSU, look away!  Oh how I wish he was a UK fan at times.  Here it goes...

 Typical block O with the buckeye on the bottom corner. 
 I am a huge fan of argyle so I actually kind of like this one even if it isn't UK.
 A little too big BUT it is different.  I am pretty sure this was a couples' actual wedding cake...crazy bride!
 Another block O.
 Kind of cool since it isn't all red and gray.  The Ohio State baseball ribbons would have to go though. 
 OOO glittery!  Probably would have to ditch the glitter and strawberries since he doesn't like either one. 
Simple and small and kind of cutesy.  I don't know if he would like it but I kind of do.

Maybe one of these bakeries this weekend will be the right place to get our groom's cake if they aren't the right place to get our wedding cake.  I don't think I will have difficulty finding a baker that will do an Ohio State cake in Ohio.  I just keep thinking about how I wish I could have a UK cake to cancel out the Ohio State cake haha. 

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  1. Let me get this out of the way: ew! I'm a Michigan fan and Ohio State is just not cool. Anyways....

    Other than the fact that its Ohio State, the argyle cake is nice! I also like the one at the very top.

    Kevin's groom cake was chocolate, with chocolate frosting, with chocolate covered strawberries for decoration. That was area that we saved money in because a friend made his cake as a gift for us. :)

  2. i like the 3rd from the bottom, minus the baseball ribbons. if you chose something that big, it would definitely have to be dessert for the rehearsal dinner. i did that and i loved that idea. still might be a little big though, but love the design!