Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a Little Update

It's been a while since my last post so it's time for an update.  It doesn't seem like it but it actually has been a busy holiday season.  I looked at a few florists and found one I loved.  I still have to get that all set up.  But I am very confident in my decision.  They are a very good florist that actually understands what it is I want for the big day.  Plus they are excited about doing something that isn't like your typical princess wedding.  Updates on flowers will be posted as they come along.  I do know that I can get my anemone flowers so I am very happy about that.

Now on to one thing that has been running through my mind, invitations.  I would love everyone's input on this topic.  Is it better to get an invitation kit and then print them off on your own personal computer?  Or is it better to get the kit and have another person at like a copy place print them out for you?  Or should I order them online and let them print, construct, and then mail them to you?  Or would it be best to have a stationary store that is local make the invitations?  If you have done any of these let me know about your experience.  I am very interested in finding out the best approach on getting my invitations. 

I have found a kit that Danny and I both like and we are kind of interested in doing it ourselves.  It is very cost effective but I don't know how nice everything will turn out.  The kit has just a simple black and white invitation that has a black floral border and white background.  BUT I have found a few other invitations online that have a baseball theme to them.  I don't know how far this whole baseball thing should go.  Like I said, I would love everyone's input on this topic.  

Also, it's less than 300 days (298 to be exact) until the wedding day and I almost feel like there isn't enough time to plan all this out.  Danny being in Columbus makes it a little bit more difficult to plan out things together but he is trying to be as helpful as possible.  I think we have narrowed down a few photographers to meet with thanks to him.  Next time he is home, when it isn't crazy busy with holiday plans, we are going to try and get a ton of wedding planning done.  We are going to meet with one or two more bakers, a few photographers, and with our coordinator at the ballpark so we can work out a timeline for the day and get a few other details worked out.  Wedding planning is crazy, it feels like time is going by so fast.